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Black Rice – 100g


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The black rice also called Purple rice or forbidden rice, emperor’s rice and also called as Wild rice. This is glutinous rice (sticky rice) with purple colour appearance. The black rice scientific name is Oryza stative species which has high nutritional value along with antioxidants. The name forbidden rice has a history behind it when this black rice was kept only for the Chinese emperor for his good healthy living and forbidden from anyone. Thus, this rice was named as forbidden rice. The colour of the rice is due to an antioxidant pigment called anthocyanins. Black rice is formed due to mutation or white grain genes leading to dark purple colour rice.

This rice has high nutritional benefits like:
Rich in antioxidants
Great for the eyes
Prevents risk of diabetes
Improved digestion
Detoxifies the body etc.

You can cook this to eat or blend or soak and use for your hair.


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