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Greater Plantain Herb -100g



Greater Plantain Herb

This is not the regular plantain leaves your know.

It is a low growing herb which is regarded as a weed, but it’s actually one of the best healing herbs on the planet.

Plantains have wide-ranging antimicrobial properties besides being anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It can not only soothe insect bites and superficial wounds but prevent infections and accelerate healing.

An active biochemical aucubin is mainly responsible for the antimicrobial action of the herb. Another substance allantoin in the herb helps with skin tissue regeneration.

These leaves of plantain are rich in calcium and other minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin K.

You can make plantain herb as tea or tincture and apply to scalp. Massage in and rinse off after letting sit for awhile.

You can use this treatment for dandruff as a switch from the regular apple cider vinegar rinse.



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