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Witch Hazel Bark Powder – 100g


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Internally, Witch hazel can be used as an herbal tea or gargle to treat many problems. A gargle can treat a sore throat, while the tea can help with diarrhea. The tea can also be used as a douche for vaginitis. Due to its ability to stop bleeding, the herb has been used to ease excessive menstruation as well as to stop bleeding in the lungs, stomach and uterus. Externally, Witch hazel has long been used to tone skin and tighten pores. It is also useful when applied to varicose veins; phlebitis, hemorrhoids, bruises and it can soothe sore perineums after childbirth. Poultices can be used to relieve irritation or swelling. It can also relieve the pain of burns and blisters as well as stopping bleeding. Use this ability topically to treat bleeding gums, cuts and wounds as it can protect these ailments from infection. It can also soothe sunburn and windburn, insect bites, poison ivy rashes and sore muscles. A gel can be used for diaper rash, bedsores and cuts.


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